Being ex-Microsoft SDE II, leading a product’s design and development straight to its GA stage, I have the confidence to write this post.

8 months at Microsoft Israel

I left Microsoft after 8 months. During my time there, I achieved filing two patents, leading a project from the ground up to GA, moving to a new team and interviewing for Amazon. did pretty much, huh!

Problematic Core Values

Microsoft core values does not align with its day-to-day practices. Making it a toxic and destructive daily experience.

The Company keeps articulating its values such as empowering every human being in the world and acting the Microsoft way – Cliches are emprinted on every wall. However, no one is sticking to them. I discussed this with a senior HR and she summed it up saying:

If your team is responsible for developing a spaceship project and you notice that this spaceship is going to crash with its passengers during testing but your manager is Okay with that, you must obey and let it crash!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, having a backbone or disagreeing are considered a sin.

during these 8 months, I witnessed how Microsoft is not customer oriented company and THIS IS PISSING ME OFF!

I would like to add that it fails to play in a market with competitors. Instead of leverging and growing with compititors, it tries to bring them down.

No respect for Customer’s data

The way access to production is managed and encryption keys are handled enables any simple rookie employee to query and decrypt customer’s data leaving no trace. It is due to weak Azure’s security and faulty best practices. As I will elaborate next, High standards are easily defeated by a management who is not commited to action.

Low standards

It is not acceptable to disagree with available code and change it. Moreove, agile programming is adopted with emphasis on quick goals, resulting in minimal time for invistigating cutomer requirements and building a maintainable design.

Many repositories I digged are programmer hell due to the fact that there are many components doing the same thing in the same repository or among repositories and none are depricated. with a clear hindersight, I can understand the quick and unsecure windows 10 deliveries.

Let Stieve Jobs sum it up