Back in 2016, was the first time I reached a conclusion to leave my workplace. To me, It was a fair decision due to the fact I had to deal with distant communication and poor benefits.

The everyday train rides lured me out of hesitations to quit. IBM was my first shot and I nailed the interview. It made me happy, very happy as it satisfied everything I was looking for and dreamt of. I remember them late spring days when the sun was warm and sideways were green. never to forget the ice cream at the beach which tasted better.

I started as a software engineer in a research lab in Haifa. I had my own office and the view of the sea was spectacular, the location of the campus was breathtaking. I liked my managers on all levels and the project which I approached with a dedicated workaholic attitude which in short time put me in a very good position to the point I had a business trip to NYC.

In a short time, Thanks to my manager, I became an essential part of the project I was working on. it was a service from a whole cloud platform project which was delivered after a year. as a result, thanks to my exceeded performance and my cooperative managers, I was moved to another project.

IBM, great place, great people

The project was one year old and I had to fight my way to the spotlight. It caught attention from the seniors which very fast met me with an admiring attitude, taking my skill set and ambitions to the next level.

Being part of a big project, I had to settle my turf on marginal parts of the project. it was clear that I lost the opportunity to show off my range at work for this specific project or at least this is how it felt like!

Risky decision and new lessons

The later project has speeded up my way to the comfort zone, utilising my free time to work on my android application – Friends locations which is rightfully mine.

I needed something to lure me out of this comfort zone so I get to know what’s going on in the outside. Indeed, New opportunity came along and this time it was no one else other than Microsoft. Well, the position – as I was told, it was a new Azure security project – starting from the ground up. I liked the team at IBM, The Managers too, and the management of course. Nevertheless, I decided to quit to explore this very company which went through a revolution with Satya.

My manager, whom I believe and admire due to his vast experience, has told me it was a wrong step to take as there are still many areas to cover.

Well, I already made up my mind and I believe, as worse as it gets, the dried streams will open the way for new ones.

at the end of the day, and believe me, after sleeping on it, and weighing the advantages of accepting the offer, I had the confidence and belief of the necessity to quit, giving you all the reasons to believe that whatever happens, it’s all for the best!

Update: So I left IBM and it was a mistake. It was my conclusion as there is something special about this company. It will always think big and differently than competitors. My insight is that IBM will wake up one day and and be a major player in a new field. I also understood how important it is not to abandon your workplace if your manager is supportive and professional – a rockstar – not literally Mr.Jimmy.