Those languages, which came from the same source, killed one another resulting in losing popularity. What exactly went wrong?

Nowadays, Google is the robin-hood of the technology, Not only it is the main driving force of the technology growth, but also, it standardizes the technology. However, It plays the racing Rabbit against the turtle when getting close to the climax if there is any!


AngularJs developers were happy about its charm, the party was over after Angular2+ joined with advanced features confusing everybody to choose whether to migrate or settle down.

Migration from AngularJs to Angular2+ is not easy due to concept differences and doesn’t worth the effort. Staying on AngularJs is not a problem as AngularJs was not deprecated after the release of Angular2.

The problem started because of poor documentation for Angular2+, making the blogs and StackOverflow the ultimate solution. However, looking for Angular2+ solutions mostly leads to AngularJs solutions causing deep frustration. The graph below shows the collision between the languages.

Angular vs angularjs search terms graph


Following the crow will lead you to ruins (Literal translation from Arabic proverb). In this context, Microsoft is the crow and the ruins is Typescript. Google is whom flowed Microsoft by adopting TS.

Microsoft failed to lead in this field, I am not sure why not adhering to ES6 instead of using facades like Typescript.


React baby, React joined the party and killed Angular, Straight to the point with a supportive community, on the contrary, Google forums are awful, not only old styled and abandoned but also not informative and not user-friendly.

In the graph below, we can notice that the growth of Facebook React, killed Angular group. The blue line represents the angular search term which contains many other terms not language related.


My Opinion

It is what it is, I personally like google, I like the corporate agenda, However, it is a rapidly growing market with no second chances, any minor mistake will kill it. After experiencing Angular2+ and React, of course, I will never go back to Angular as it is not complex but complicated.